Hello! I’m Krista Hall, an artist, dance teacher and plant mama. I live with my rescue dog Renly and my husband Kyle in Hartford Connecticut. I like to make things that are fun and functional while adding a touch of whimsy to your life. I’ve been creative all my life, and after earning my degree and learning all about the life of a freelance artist, I’m launching this next project: paintedplaces. When I was a kid, my dad had built me a toy shed where I would sit in and fill it with hand painted curiosities. Pet rocks, drift wood wall decor, Barbies covered in fabulous body art. I called it “painted places 2” (no idea where the number two came from, I think I just liked the sound of it) and my parents would have to come purchase my art from my shop window. Today, I’m dropping the “2” but keeping the childhood dream alive to bring you a collection of goodies filled with color, functionality, and great design that you can mix and match. Shop the new line here.

Krista Kyle.JLP-2017100818.0343.062024015163 copy.jpg

I hope you like what you see

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