LILI Party Stickers Are Here

A word from my friend Alisha Bennett, on the Lili Party: 

Our LiLi Party Symbol: Love is Love is a sticker, designed to promote, encourage and inspire love across all races, religions, loves, genders and gender identities. The different shades of brown represent our nation's beautifully  diverse racial makeup. The rainbow heart represents our LGBTQI+ community and how our nation loves in all definitions of the word. The symbol in the middle represents all genders and gender identities. The heart shape encourages love as a whole, reminding us that love crosses all religions, even when we believe different things.  

"I made this symbol a week after the election in an attempt to channel my sadness into something more productive. Knowing how many people felt and would continue to feel affected by the newly elected president, I wanted to inspire love and change within people. I wanted to empower the students with whom I work to be kind, thoughtful, and inclusive people as they grow--members of the human community who acknowledge and show compassion for difference, standing up for what is right. I wanted to remind those who voted for Trump to remember the lives and experiences of people who the election directly impacts. I wanted to keep hope strong among those who oppose the president, especially in their moments of hopelessness. I wanted it to be a symbol that people can see, knowing that we are standing together with them. " 

Click the link below to go and spread some love!

500 Drawing Prompts

My wonderful friend Glen gifted me with this great book of drawing prompts. I was quite pleased with this image for "Night." I think I'll try more studies with this process, using masking fluid and watercolor and see what happens. I highly recommend a book like this to anyone who is looking for inspiration.